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Direct synthesis of graphene and 3D - graphene structures

Nazwa projektu

Direct synthesis of graphene and 3D - graphene structures over metal oxide supports

Kierownik projektu 

Dr hab. inż. Alicja Bachmatiuk

Okres realizacji 


Wartość projektu 

300 000,00

Cel projektu 

Graphene is numbered among as a potential material for future high speed and flexible electronics. Many routes exist to synthesize graphene and the number of routes is ever increasing. Nonetheless the primary routes are through graphite exfoliation, epitaxial graphene, graphene oxide and chemical vapour deposition. Current graphene fabrication CVD routes, which involve metal substrates, require post-synthesis transfer of the graphene onto a Si wafer, or in the case of epitaxial growth on silicon carbide, temperatures above 1000 °C are necessary. Both the handling difficulty and high temperatures are not best suited to present day silicon technology. In this project the CVD routes which form graphitic carbon via the decomposition of various carbon sources (e.g. methane, cyclohexane, ethanol) over oxides (e.g. SiO2, Al2O3, SrO, ZrO2, HfO2) will be realized. The core aspect of the project is to synthesize graphene and 3D graphene directly on the semiconductor surfaces via CVD method.

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